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Respond efficiently 

Some agencies wait until an appeal is filed to take a request seriously. This can have a devastating impact, not only exposing the agency to bad faith sanctions and attorney's fees, but also tripling the amount of work required to respond. The best approach is to respond immediately with proactive legal review. A few hours of attorney time before responding can save your agency hundreds of dollars in attorney's fees, costs, and sanctions on appeal. We can help you review requests and develop forms and processes for ensuring that requests are handled in a timely, organized manner. 

Ensure compliance

Willful ignorance and noncompliance with the Right-to-Know Law can expose an agency and its employees to significant liability, costing hours of employee time and wasting resources. Learn the contours of the Right-to-Know Law so that you can ensure that you do not expose the agency by committing a violation of law. We can provide a training that is tailored to your agency.

Disclose proactively

If you have information that is commonly sought and clearly available under the Right-to-Know Law, it's best to put this information online in an obvious spot. Disclosing financial information, contact information, and other standard public information can save you hours of response time.

If you need assistance with a Right-to-Know Law matter, please reach out to us. We have litigated open records issues successfully at every judicial level in Pennsylvania. We can handle your open records matter for you or train you on how to prepare for future requests.
Don't forget to check out our blog for lots of helpful open records information!

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