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Obtaining Public Records

Need help navigating your state's public records statute? Corporations, journalists, government contractors, and private citizens can all obtain public information from the state and federal governments. We can take the stress out of the process, providing counseling at each stage. From drafting requests all the way up to appellate litigation, we have done it all and we're ready to guide you. 

We can also help you obtain information from the federal government via FOIA requests and appeals. Our current record for getting information is a four hour, unredacted, free production of body camera footage from local law enforcement! 

By partnering with local counsel where required by situation or rule, we are proud to offer nationwide services.

We want to be your problem solver.

If you need assistance with an issue that's not listed here, reach out.

If we can't help you, we'll use our extensive network to connect you to someone who can. 

Public Meetings


Our attorneys can help you stay in compliance with open meetings laws, so that you're reducing any chance of liability under these statutes. In public meetings, decisions often have to be made in real time as to what is and isn't appropriate for a closed door session, as well as public notice and public comment concerns. We're available to serve as on-call counsel to answer these questions, reducing your Board's liability exposure. 

If you are a concerned citizen or public official, we can help you determine whether a Sunshine Act violation has occurred, and what remedies you may have at law to rectify these issues.

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