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Joy Ramsingh

Sunshine Act Notice Letter

$600.00 - $1,200.000

(depending on the complexity of the legal issues)

Occasionally, an agency fails to comply with the Sunshine Act. Sometimes the noncompliance is willful, and oftentimes it stems from a lack of legal knowledge.


Either way, a letter pointing these violations out and offering suggestions as to how to avoid them in the future can be a great first step to remedying the problem.

Joy Ramsingh

Sunshine Act

Civil Action

Contact Ramsingh Legal for a custom quote on filing a legal action to enforce compliance with the Sunshine Act.

While it is impossible to provide these services at a flat fee, an estimated fee will be provided upon consultation and services will be provided within a margin of that estimate. 

Joy Ramsingh

Sunshine Act Training

Packages start at $100.00 per person for a group of ten or more, please contact Ramsingh Legal for a custom quote.

A training can help your board understand its obligations under the Sunshine Act, to avoid future litigation or complaint.

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