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We are public records and public meetings attorneys. Whether you need federal policies, body camera footage, or a copy of the County's budget, we're here to help navigate the process of requesting information and appealing denials.





No Strings Attached

We are independent, nonpartisan requester attorneys. We do not represent government entities or clients who are likely to conflict us out of an open government stance.

Focused Experience

It's rare to find an attorney who only  (or even mostly ) handles public records and public meetings cases. 90% of our practice is public records and public meetings litigation. 

Customer Service

We provide agile, responsive legal services. We're an energetic team. We believe that experience and hard work trumps seniority. We've chosen efficiency in lieu of traditional law firm workflows. The results are demonstrable.

Transparent Pricing

Our commitment to the legal profession includes a commitment to access to justice for all. We offer flat fee pricing, not including court costs and filing fees, as well as a traditional hourly billing model.


We're developing a comprehensive guide to police footage access laws across the United States.

Let's get in touch.

Mailing Address:

4203 Union Deposit Rd  #1030

Harrisburg, PA 17111

Thanks for reaching out! Please note that we are not your lawyers until we have agreed to represent you in writing. Because of this, information submitted through this form may not be protected by the attorney-client privilege. 

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